On managed something and graphical nonsense

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"The Frozen Death" is all around us.

Recently I read a pretty interesting article about Open Source Projects "Frozen Death", also known as "Death by Inactivity" coming from the very heart of one of the most successful Open Source projects in the world. How the hell that can happen? Well it came from no more and no less than NUnit, by far one of the most successful enterprise projects arround. The complete article can be read here: http://nunit.com/blogs/?p=1.

What can I say about the issue? I really feel in my guts that no project is exempt of it; in my own experience with "Project Xenocide" we have been fighting the Frozen Death for a long time. Sometimes it gets very hard, other times it is just plain imposible to devote the time or energy needed for such an endervour. However, at least in Xenocide, I have an excelent team that can overcome the nonesayers negativeness and cover the holes caused by lack of the management team time and I am really proud of them. Sometimes I found myself with lack of motivation (not always you are in a good mood to do things), others it becames just plain imposible to even code a line or communicate with your team. On the other hand, in my case I feel relieved about the great things that a deeply cohesive and great team can do even when faced with the reality of a dauntingly complex project, lack of time, lack of tools or even lack of domain expertise.

In my humble opinion a post like the one that the NUnit team have done is to be admired, even though most people do not see it. They have decided to fight the bull with their bare hands and I honestly believe that the outcome of a decision like that cannot be other but true success, satisfaction and personal growth.

As that I send them Kudos on the great project they are running and as such I will continue to be a very happy user of their great tool. On regards to the Project Xenocide Team, this is no more than a call to action (like the ones that we have seen in the past) to push the "Frozen Death's Shadow" far away from us as we have successfully done in the past. That is my commitment, what is yours?